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Unlock Your Home's Potential
with Ashley Gold Designs:
In-Home Consultation Experience


Welcome to the first step in transforming your space into a stunning masterpiece with Ashley Gold Designs. Our bespoke in-home consultation is tailored for discerning homeowners looking to infuse their living spaces with elegance, functionality, and a touch of Ashley's unique flair for home staging and interior design.

What to Expect:

Personalized Meet & Greet: Your journey begins with a warm welcome from Ashley or one of our expert designers, ready to dive into your vision and aspirations for your space.

Comprehensive Home Walkthrough: Together, we'll explore every corner of your home, assessing its strengths and uncovering hidden potentials. This hands-on approach allows us to connect with the space and envision transformative possibilities.

Custom Staging Strategy: We'll develop a tailored staging plan that accentuates your home's strengths while addressing any areas that could detract from its market value. From furniture arrangement to accent pieces, every detail is chosen to enhance your home's appeal to potential buyers.

Cost-Effective Recommendations: Understanding the importance of return on investment, we provide smart, budget-conscious recommendations. Our focus is on high-impact, low-cost updates that can significantly increase your property's selling price.

Follow-Up Proposal: Post-consultation, you'll receive a detailed proposal outlining the envisioned design concept, staging strategies, and a clear roadmap to bring your dream space to life. This includes a transparent breakdown of costs and timelines.

Ready to transform your space into a buyer's dream? Click below to schedule your in-home consultation with Ashley Gold Designs and take the first step towards a more profitable sale.

Transform your space into a showcase home.
Contact us today to bring your vision to life.

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